Why Do You Still Need A Home Phone?

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Most people have a cell phone, and many people rely on their cell phones for all their communication needs. Since cell phones are so ubiquitous and convenient, you may think there's no reason to have a home phone anymore. However, home phone technology is just as useful now as it ever was. Here are four reasons to invest in a home phone service:

1. Have a phone available in case of emergencies.

Home phones are sometimes known as landlines. This name is in reference to the type of technology that makes your home phone work. Home phones use telephone wires to connect to your phone service. These wires carry signals to and from your home, transmitting audio. Since this technology doesn't require the use of cell phone towers, landlines can be more reliable in the event of an emergency. Emergency situations often lead to many people making phone calls at once, which can jam the signals to cell phone towers. People with a home phone will not experience this issue since volume is not a hindrance to this technology.

2. Reduce your reliance on smartphone technology.

Smartphones make it easy to do everything from looking up the weather to reading the news. However, some people find that they develop an unhealthy reliance on their smartphones. Many people become addicted to smartphone use to the detriment of the rest of their lives. Cutting out a cell phone completely might be the best solution for people with this problem. Having a home phone installed in your house will give you an alternative to your current cell phone. You can leave your cell phone at home or disconnect it altogether, with the knowledge that people will be able to reach you on your home phone if necessary.

3. Save money on your phone and internet bills.

Home phone service is typically provided by internet service providers. You can save money on your communications bill by choosing a bundle that includes both internet and home phone service. Purchasing both of these services together is usually cheaper than buying them individually. Take advantage of home phone service without exceeding your budget.

4. Separate your work and home lives.

Purchasing a home phone can also enable you to separate your work and home lives. When you have a cell phone and a landline, you can give those numbers out selectively. Some people choose to give their home phone number to only trusted friends and family members, which allows them to better control access to their free time.